TOWERPLANTS. Die Zukunft ist vertikal.


Vertical Cities

The idea
Facing an ever-growing world population going along with less and less energetic resources and tremendous ecological decline, Frank Jendrusch had already in the early Nineteen-nineties the idea of constructing vertical cities with autonomic energy supply.

A new dimension

Vertical Cities are in the centre of metropolitan areas and form due to their function, size and height an own urban structure. At the same time they possess – like conventional “horizontal” cities – their own infrastructure with shopping, recreation and medical facilities, gastronomy, theatres, schools, exhibition spaces for cultural purposes and parks. The whole city is concentrated in a single building which offers space for up to 400 floors and may therefore reach a height of up to 1.600 meters. The prototype of the Edison Tower offers space for over 250.000 inhabitants.

Autonomic energy supply

In order to face the extremely high energy consumption of skyscrapers we have developed a conception of autarkic energy supply by renewable resources. So the buildings dispose of enormous upwind plants which transform the upcoming wind force and rejected heat into electric current using a turbine system. Geo-thermal energy is used for heating and cooling and ice storage is added. The huge full glass facades are transparent photo-voltaic systems (Lightyears). This technology provides an almost autarkic energy supply without any environmental impact.

Logistics and safety
Also the traffic routing is similar to the one of a conventional major city – but just in a vertical direction! The traffic volume will be handled by elevators with pressurized cabins being powered by linear engines serving to reach the respective Sky-Lobby redirecting to the desired floor. This cable free system will run much faster and more flexibly than conventional systems. The Skylift has being developed in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp. The development of TOWERPLANTS will set completely new standards regarding safety technology, fire protection and avoiding noise and vibration emissions. This innovative process engineering guarantees a smooth and frictionless operation of this highly complex mega system.

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