TOWERPLANTS. Die Zukunft ist vertikal.

Vertical farming

Over the next 10 years, it is expected that the global population will increase by 1 billion people – with much of that growth found in Asian-Pacific nations. This growth sparked an interest to evaluate the changes required to supply such a growing population. Accepting that the global availability of arable land cannot be increased in a way suitable to the population growth, the increased production of staple food is only possible by intense cultivation of technically controlled and regulated environment.

With Vertical Farming towers’ dimensions of two million usable square meters, it is possible to cultivate the following natural products and with a high, organic quality: fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, flowers and drinking water.

Breeding and cultivation will be carried out within a closed, sterilized and regulated habitat: sterilized surfaces, regulated air-conditioning and lighting. Therefore we will utilize high-quality animals’ and plants’ food out of our recycling cycle as well as the plants’ growth’s catalyser oxygen and CO2.

Vertical Farming towers rely upon sea-access for production and are therefore built along coastlines. A tower generates drinking water via in-house desalinization and treatment facilities. While the construction of each tower is designed for speed and efficiency allowing more accurate planning for both the labourers and the firms/agencies running the construction projects, there is a great opportunity to create jobs with each project.

Unique to Vertical Farming, all products are energetically optimized using a Reiki energy* treatment. Treatment begins with the water preparation and continues through regular treatment by Reiki masters throughout the animal and plant life cycles. This treatment directly stimulates the well-being and growth of both the animal and plant species. Reiki energy remains in the product, directly beneficial to the health and satisfaction of the consumers.

Vertical Farming guarantees a continuous production of healthy food to sufficiently and economically supply large metropolises. What would historically require approximately 23 square km of rural farmland now only requires 0.1 square km, a revolutionary increase in land-use efficiency.

* Originating in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a model of energetic work enabling energy transfer also for animals and plants.



The concept of Vertical Farming is not intended for the EU oder RU.

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